[PDF] Cash and the Sorority Girl by Ashley

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[PDF] Cash and the Sorority Girl by Ashley

Cash and the Sorority Girl. Ashley Bartlett

Cash and the Sorority Girl

ISBN: 9781635553109 | 266 pages | 7 Mb

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Cash and the Sorority Girl by Ashley Bartlett
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books


Cash Braddock is doing...okay. She sort of has a girlfriend, her business sucks less, and the cops are only picking her up for interrogations every other weekend. Mediocrity has underrated appeal. It’s fine. The universities are back in session, which means drugs are in high demand. Cash is becoming more reluctant to sell, while Detective Laurel Kallen is on the trail of someone who’s been drugging and assaulting women at college parties. Cash’s and Laurel’s goals should be aligned, but neither is convinced of the ethics of her job anymore. When Laurel’s younger sister is assaulted, okay stops being okay. If Cash wants to help the Kallen sisters, she must decide her own moral bounds. Third in the Cash Braddock series.

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